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Runtt is a fursuiter, writer and a rock/alternative musician. He records with real instruments; rather than using synthesizers, drum loops, or samples, he plays drums, guitar and some keyboard.

Runtt has written and released five songs: "Welcome (Furry Forest Theme)", "Crawl", "Cuddle", "Shy Away" and "Angry Wah". The first three are available on under the heading of Furry-Themed songs. All his music is available for download on his Fur Affinity site, including a mix of "Welcome" that is different from the one posted to

Runtt has also written an adult comic series called "Life In The Co-Op", along with a spin-off comic called "Tales From The Co-Op". Both comic series are published by Rabbit Valley Comics under their 'Spooo Presents' title. The first issue of "Life In The Co-Op" titled "Moving In" was illustrated by the artist Meesh. This was before Runtt had a proper title for the series. After Meesh decided not to continue with the series, it was taken over by the artist Diman, who continues to illustrate it as the primary artist. Runtt created a Yahoo group specifically for the announcement and discussion of his comic.

The spin-off series features guest artists with the first being Rika. The first story "Freedom part 1", features Rika's art.

Runtt now resides in Springfield, MA, U.S.A. with his mate Pandemonium, a Red Tailed Hawk. He attends various conventions playing drums and singing backup vocals for Matthew Ebel aka Hali. His character is a red panda.


Welcome (Furry Forest Theme) is a rock and roll style song by Runtt. It was originally written and recorded in 2002 after Runtt met Belic Bear and his mate, K'gra. The song is about how he came to find Belic’s web group, The Furry Forest, a PG-rated forum. Runtt has said that this was the fastest he ever wrote a song.

There are two versions of the song. The first recording can be found on Runtt plays all instruments and sings all vocals himself. The second version is available for download on his Fur Affinity page. This edition is a collaboration of three musicians recording under the band name of The Paw Offs: Belic Bear on guitars and vocals; Sedge Hare on bass guitar and vocals; and Runtt on drums, vocals and keyboards. Runtt sings lead on the verses and Belic sings lead on the chorus. The song has minor changes to the lyrics and a faster tempo compared to the original recording. Runtt states that this is a “first draft mix,” and so far it is the band’s only finished song.

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