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Weight Gain Central (aka WGC) is a community website for fans of weight gain, vore, growth, and inflation. The website is operated by members of the Furry fandom. The website was initaially created to share videos that would otherwise be removed from sites such as YouTube.


On June 15, 2009 a YouTuber known as WeightGaining opened up a Ning powered community website. The purpose of the site was for WeightGaining to initially share his videos that were prone to removal on YouTube to everyone. Though, since it was a community based site other users joined and began uploading videos as well. Users also shared pictures pertaining to weight gain, vore, growth, or inflation. The website grew rapidly in numbers of users, videos, and pictures. The website was almost a year old when it started getting hit with a large number of spam accounts from spam bots. Shortly afterwards Ning announced that it would no longer offer a free plan. At the time, WeightGaining could not afford this monthly plan as he didn't work enough then.

In August of 2010 the site officially moved over to another provider, Grou.ps. All of the videos, pictures, and users from the Ning website were sucessfully moved over to the new Grou.ps site. Things went smoothly on the new site until Grou.ps had some issues of there own. Causing many of the videos on WGC to lose there thumbnails and other data mixed around. Not much longer Grou.ps changed there plans. Since WGC already was using over 8GB of disk space, a free plan was not an option, and WeightGaining looked for alternatives. Initially a new Grou.ps website was created and a plan to save disk space was created. Though this didn't last long as Grou.ps changed there plans and pricing again and didn't have a solid platform yet, and WeightGaining didn't want to pay for something that still had issues.

Throughout the second half of 2011 WeightGain Central drifted around from different services like Spruz or SocialGo. WeightGaining in the meantime was working on created his own community site, and launched a beta run of it in mid 2011. Everything worked fine except video and photo uploading.

Later WGC officially moved over the SocialGo platform and stayed there for the later half of 2011. Direct video uploads were supported, which got the attention of WeightGaining. Until direct video uploading for some reason disappeared from the options to share videos.

Though in December of 2011 the seccond Grou.ps website re-opened and was now being paid for by WeightGaining who has since gotten a much better job. Though the plans to save disk space are still in effect to keep costs as low as possible. A website completly operated by WeightGaining and his admins are still in the works, and have no current word on any release dates.

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