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Waystation FurCon was a convention proposed for "May 17-19, 2013" in Fairview Heights, IL", U.S.A.[1]

By early December 2012, the Waystation FurCon website stated

Waystation FurCon
After careful consideration, we have decided not to bring Waystation FurCon to life.

Please consider supporting F3 Con this upcoming December![2]

Waystation FurCon

Staff listed on the website were:

Waystation FurCon
Samii Tiger - Con Chair / Advertising Lead

President, Board of Directors

Spectrum - Volunteer Coordinator Vice President, Board of Directors

Playful Kitten - Hospitality Lead Secretary, Board of Directors

Duckie - Holder of the Con's Money Treasurer, Board of Directors

Leeran - Security Lead

Echo - Art Show Lead

Mestopho - Programming Lead

Dart Wuffy - Gaming Lead

Bedtime Bear - Fursuit Lead

Harunaka Kimura - Operations Lead

Jaxson Otter - Operations 2nd

Firr - Audio-Visual Lead / Head DJ[1]

Waystation FurCon


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