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SwiftFur Beaumont, also known as Wayne Quick (born October 15),[1] is an artist who lives in Spokane, Washington, U.S.A.[2].

SwiftFur runs The Anthro Art Ring, and he was a super-sponsor at ConFurence 8.


SwiftFur's fursona is a wolffox.[3] His markings range from completely black to dark shades of gray, most prevalent on his muzzle, chest, stomach, and upper arms. His hair is a shade of baby blue which makes his deep blue eyes stand out.


SwiftFur's published artistic credits include Anthropomorphine #7.[4] Foxes Are Neat #3,[5] Scott and Stanley Alston's The Bestiary,[3] and Bunnyman's The Bunny Pages.[3] His is also the creator of his own webcomic, Crazy Like a Fox.


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