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Watts Martin (also known as Chipotle) is a writer who lives in Silicon Valley, California, USA.[1] Watts has been involved in furry fandom (where he represents himself as a coyote)[2] since the late 1980s, primarily as a writer and fanzine editor/publisher. He was a guest of honor at Albany Anthrocon 1997 and Eurofurence 14.

Watts contributed to FurVersion and YARF!, and edited and published both FurBytes, a short-lived electronic furry fanzine, and Mythagoras, a semi-professional furry publication published sporadically throughout the 1990s. In October 2004, Watts launched a short-lived fiction webzine, Claw & Quill.[3] After years of plotting to relaunch it as a curated story archive, he announced plans in 2013 to form a non-fiction online magazine under the same title.[4]

Many of Watts's stories are set in Ranea, a fantasy setting with humans and anthropomorphic animals in a world where magic is treated as an engineering discipline and technology is at a roughly Victorian level. Two of the most famous early Ranea stories are novellas featuring Revar Desmera, a vampire bat.

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Ranea novellas[edit]

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