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Watts Martin (also known as Chipotle) is a writer who lives in Silicon Valley, California, USA.[1] has been involved in furry fandom (where he represents himself as a coyote)[2] since the late 1980s, primarily as a writer and fanzine editor/publisher. He was a guest of honor at Albany Anthrocon 1997 and Eurofurence 14.

Watts contributed to FurVersion and YARF!, and edited and published both FurBytes, a short-lived electronic furry fanzine, and Mythagoras, a semi-professional furry publication published sporadically throughout the 1990s. In October 2004, Watts launched a short-lived fiction webzine, Claw & Quill.[3] After years of plotting to relaunch it as a curated story archive, he announced plans in 2013 to form a non-fiction online magazine under the same title.[4]

Watts' most well-known stories are the two Ranea novellas featuring Revar Desmera, a vampire bat: A Gift of Fire, a Gift of Blood and The Lighthouse (both serialized in YARF!). He also contributed to The Furkindred, and his story "How George Miles Almost Saved the World" (also originally from YARF!) appeared in the Best in Show anthology edited by Fred Patten. Sofawolf Press published a collection of his stories, Why Coyotes Howl, in 2005. Several of his stories are set in Ranea, a fantasy setting with humans and anthropomorphic animals in a world where magic is treated as an engineering discipline and technology is at a roughly Victorian level. A new Ranea novella, "Indigo Rain", was published by FurPlanet in January 2013, and won the Coyotl Award for best novella.

Watts works as a technical writer. He also blogs about technology (and occasionally cocktails).


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