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Author(s) Owner: Nedded
  • Admins: Nedded, Romstop
Status Beta
Launch date March 31, 2010
End Date Ongoing
Genre Video streaming site

Watchtail is an artwork-centric video streaming site, similar to Livestream, Ustream and, with furries as its target audience. It allows artists to stream live video of their drawing process, which has become a popular practice. Unlike its three main competitors, which restricts streams to PG-PG-13 related material, Watchtail permits adult rated content to be shown.

Like the other websites, Watchtail features a chat room alongside the video which allows the audience to interact with the artist. It also provides artists with an area to link to their galleries, and to customize their user page.[1]. The site currently does not overlay advertisements on video streams.

Watchtail's mascot is Watchfox, a bluish-purple fox whose color is derived from the website's color scheme. Watchfox always appears wearing a vest and tie, and carries a pocketwatch. The markings on Watchfox's forehead are reminiscent of the letter "W." Watchfox was created by Nedded, the site's founder.[2]

Watchtail was recently bombarded with trolls, and the site owner, Nedded, has decided to redesign the backend security of the site. The trolls were successfully able to take control of every chatroom, bypass banning systems and ban any user they desired. This attack has occurred more than once, pushing Nedded to continue to add more safety protocols to the site. This has resulted in a general loss of popularity for the site.[3]


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