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The name "Wartorious" "War-tor-re-us" was created as a mixture of the words victorious and war. Wartorious's real name is David Beck. The name Wartorious was created over 5 years ago now, and has been in the furrydom for about the same amount of time. Wartorious is now 21 and an arctic bunny.

Meet Attendance[edit]

Wartorious has attended furmeets in London and the previous two RBW's.

Games and animation[edit]

In 2008 Wartorious was nominated for an E4 Golden Joystick award with his furry game Bogus Bunny. The game involved solving puzzles to move through the difficult and psychedelic game world.

Wartorious has also produced over 40 films and games on Newgrounds


Wartorious is a white bunny rabbit with blue furr highlights. He is curraltley attending London South Bank universiy, taking BA Games Cultures. One ambition is to create Furry games using furry artwork and themes. Another ambition is to create extremley creative and origanal Games that challenge what a game can be. He can usally be found sitting at the bottom of trees seeking enlightment or some kind of grivitational theory. The avatar was created out of a love of rabbits, and animals in general.

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