Warren Arkell

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Warren Arkell

Warren Arkell, also known as Full Moon Arkell (born February of 1992), is a writer and avid role-player who lives in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, USA. Warren Arkell is pursuing his doctorate in Zoology.

Primary Fursona

Ryder Davenport[edit]

Basic Information

Name: Ryder Davenport

Gender: Male

Species: Dire Wolf/Canis dirus

Birth-date: 02/19/1988 11:59:59

Age: 26

Zodiac: Aquarius/Pisces Cusp

Style: Preppy

Sexual Orientation: Gay

Anthropomorphic: Yes

Education: Bachelor’s Degrees in English Studies/Journalism and Ph.D. in Zoology

Profession: Business Owner

Basic Appearance

Hair & Fur Colour: Ocherous with Brunswick green accents


Eye Colour: Left-Ruby, Right-Emerald

Height: 6'6

Other Features: Family Ring, 2 Class Rings-High School and Post-Grad College

Expanded Information


Food: Steak and Venison

Drink: Wolfberry Rum by Bacardi

Weather: Sunny

Colour: Brunswick Green


As a writer, furry and gamer among other things I go by various names that I will list below for convenience and to prevent admin confusion.

Joshua Ziegler (Legal name)

Ryder Davenport (Fursona)

Warren Arkell (Pen-name and fursona)

Jacob Arkell (Another pen-name)

Jameson Arkell (Common nickname though usually just Jameson)

howlryder (Username on various websites)

full_moon_arkell or fullmoonarkell (Also a username for various websites)

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