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Wander Crown (ワンダークラウン, commonly known as "Wankura (ワンクラ)") is a Japanese social RPG game application for cellphone by Clover Lab.,inc. Wonder Crown was announced for the first time in March 2015.[1] and was going to be released in summer 2015,[2] however it was officially released in Apr 2016.[3]


Seven continentals are covered by the disaster emerged from the dark. However, a hero from an nameless island beat it. The hero said on his deathbed that the peace will be covered by the dark in the future... but hope is at Cresta(クレスタ). Many months and years passed, when the words by the hero had been forgotten, the disaster reborn from the dark grows. The protagonist, a human teenager boy, a descendant of the hero living in the forgotten island Cresta, starts to have an adventure around the world.

Kemono in Wander Crown[edit]

In Wander Crown the anthromorphic "Jujin" is officially called "Lycan (ライカン)"[4], however almost all mammal species exist.[5] Their body is strong and long-lived.[6] In the past they were discriminated by humans and other species and were sold as slaves.[7] However since the foundation of Dehgusta Dukedom (デグスタ公国) by the hero Volf (ヴォルフ), almost all Lycans live within its reign and have the human rights.[8]


Almost all romanized names is unofficial and provisional.

  • Shubar (シュバル) The first prince of Degusta Dukedom, wolf character[9]
  • Nadar (ナダル) The second prince. wolf character[10]
  • Gandarov (ガンダロフ) The father of two princes, wolf character [11]
  • Mororo (モロロ) dog character
  • Polk (ポルク) dog character
  • Cyam (シャム) cat character[12]
  • Hien (ヒエン) bird character [13]
  • Hoemaru (ホエマル) The old friend of Gandarov, tiger character[14]
  • Zen (ゼン) fox character, the master of a hotspring[15]
  • Rufure(ルフレ) deer character, with christmas[16]
  • Hinoto(ヒノト) rooster character, with 2017 new year[17]
  • Rodini(ロデニ) Orca character[18]
  • Bamuba (バムバ) Polar Bear character, Rodini's wife[19]


Clover Lab., inc. exhibited at Kansai Kemoket 5 in October 2016 and sold some official goods on kemono characters and the official source book specializing to them.[20]


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