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"Wan-Nyan Club (ワンニャン倶楽部)"was a Japanese comic/manga doujin circle founded by Nyantarou (にゃん太郎) in 1990. They published a series of joint-dojinshis in the events such as Comic Market(Comiket) and Shotaket throughout 1990s.


In 1990, Nyantarou published the first joint-doujinshi "Dream Box", self-called "Animal Character Book (動物キャラクター本)", possibly due to absence of the word "kemono". In the first half of 1990s, he published joint-dojinshis of Japanese animation Yoyo-no-Nekotsumami (short animation about a cat bartender), Tama and Friends, and animation for kids"Obake-no-Horry (Horry the Ghost, seldom including furry/kemono characters)". Apart from joint-dojinshis, Nyantaro published his own manga/comic dojinshi Orugu (オルグ).

Since 1993, he began to publish a series of porn joint-dojinshis, self-called "Animal Character H Book (動物キャラクターH本)". They drew padories of the newest kemono contents like Eto Rangers, Pokemon and Digimon etc. Wan-Nyan club seemd to declare no specific sex preference and they published mainly both kemololi (female kemono cub) and kemoshota (male kemono cub) manga/comics. However, their readers already pointed out that half of their works is on shota [1] , and in 1996, they published "Kokohore Wan-Nyan! (ここ掘れワンニャン!)", self-called "Animal Character Shota H Book (動物キャラクターショタH本)", in which included only shota (kemoshota) comics and it was sold in a new-born Shota doujin bookfair event, Shotaket. [2] Nyantarou himself defined gerne "Shota" not as "fuck between boys" but as "fuck, on which shota participating and it doesn't matter whether his counter is male or female, mature or not". [3] and it means that their sexual preference was not always low-age homosexual.

Wan-Nyan Club was closed in August 2000. the reason is unknown, however it is true that the number of pages are reducing throught the second half of 1990s and that other prominent dojin circles like KEMONERS appeared. [4] In the same year, Chibineko Master published the farewell dojinshi "Wan-Nyan forever". [5]


Wan-Nyan club was Nyantarou's own circle, however one of the main artists was Chibineko Master (ちびねこマスター), who made debut on this circle and since then drew almost all front covers. Other main specific artists were Takashi Mori (森たかし),Scope CAT(すこぉぷCAT), Marcy Cat(まぁしぃCAT), etc. Moreover, in the publications there were many artists who became famous later like Harimogu Dragon(はりもぐどらごん), Wantarou etc.

Artists who contributed to Wan-Nyan Club[edit]


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