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In a Perfect World is a comic strip by AraKaraath, with help from Aneirin. The stories are often humourous, revolving around the quirky things that happen in the life of the creators and their friends - all appearing in their fursona form. In a Perfect World is hosted by Comic Genesis.



The leading characters of In a Perfect World are AraKaraath (an anthropopmorphic dragon) and Aneirin (an anthropomorphic wolf.) These the fursonas of the creators of the comic strip which is largely based on real life events. In real life and in the comic, the two are mates (the boyfriend kind) who live in a typical English apartment. Everyone in the world of In a Perfect World is an anthropomorphic animal of some sort, and friends and occassionaly family members appear in the strip in their fursona form. While some of the characters such as Budger and Kanmeros are real life furries, characters such as Wai, the couples daughter, are purely imaginary and some are just a character based on real people who aren't furs at all. The events of the comic too, a based (sometimes wholly, sometimes partially) on real life.


In a Perfect World has been running for many years and gathered a substantial fan base thanks to it humourous outlook on the real world. After a break, Version 2.0 of In a Perfect World was unleashed on the first of January, 2005. Whereas previously the story would leap all over the place from strip to strip, in Version 2.0, storylines are continued for several strips. But despite a strong sense of narrative, the comic is as random as ever.


v2.0 Characters[edit]

AraKaraath Greywulf-halfDragon AraKaraath was born in Australia and moved to England after falling in love with hir soulmate Aneirin online. Sie is a programmer by profession and an artist in hir spare time as well as a mum looking after their daughter Wai.

Aneirin Greywulf-halfDragon Aneirin is an English wulf who fell in love with AraKaraath online. They live together is an apartment on Draconic Drive, Bristol with their daughter Wai. Aneirin is an office worker who's job is so boring no-one is actually sure what it is he does.

Wai Greywulf-halfDragon Wai is the daughter of AraKaraath and Aneirin. She is about three years old and especailly cute, inheriting her mother's love or art and her father's love of computer games as well as most of their combined collection of Lego. She goes to Raven Park Primary School with her friends Becky, Jen and Ryal and Jess.

Phoenix Phoenix is Aneirin's oldest friend and have known each other since infant school and lives in the apartment below Aneirin and Ara's. He works as the head chef at the 'Grub and Cabbage' downtown.

Budger Budger is a large, blue and red coffee dragon with pyromanic tendancies. He is our residant source of weirdness, generator of improbability distortions, chief coffee maker and sofa warmer.

Sphelx Sphelx is Budger's love interest, a strange little leezard who can usually be found dangling from Budger's maw by his tail or lying beside any warm object such as a computer or the oven. Though unlike most leezards he seems to have a frantic energy which makes him jittery. Probably because of budger's coffee.

Arcturius Arcturius is Ara and Aneirin's close friend and lives next door. He has an interest in collecting gaming consoles, especially retro ones, and has a small museum to the gaming industry in his room.

Apollo Apollo is easy going fun loving person who likes his Amiga and classic age gaming as well as a fun skirmish on a FPS but he never takes it seriously.

Kanmeros Kanmeros is an old friend of Arcturius's and likes BB guns and anime and enjoys drawing and reading too.

NetDragon Net's a computer whizz and a bit of a net addict though he love rally and cars too.

Vitro A giant red dragon with an appetite to match as well as a rather warped sense of humour. Sie wears ripple-soled shoes to give pedestrians a 50 / 50 chance

Zerowing Zerowing is an asian dragon with a fascination for World War I biplanes and 'Biggles' novels. Sports a flying cap, starched scarf and a bewildered look most of the time.

Beccy Beccy is Wai's bestest friend at School. They do everything together, including getting into trouble.

Bobby Bobby used to be a bully at school until Wai and beccy showed him the error of his ways and stole his clothes while he was in gym.

For more details, see the IAPW characters page.

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