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Waggable is a fursuiter who lives in Prince Edward Island, Canada.[1]

Waggable's fursona is an anthropomorphic Border Collie/Husky/Wolf mix.[2] His fur is mostly grey, with white on his chest and abdomen. His paws and the tip of his grey bushy tail are also white, and he has a white stripe that curves over his head from between his eyes to the back of his neck. Waggable has blue eyes and his ears are erect but folded forward near the tips.

Waggable's fursuit (Mark 1) was constructed by Noble Productions and finished in October 2010. It was debuted at FurFright 2010.[3] In May 2013, Waggable's fursuit was updated (Mark 2) with a new head constructed by FirestormSix, to illustrate the concept of maturing and making the transition from a young to adult dog.


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