Rook Scarbin

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Rook drawn by aroka-dragon
Rook Scarbin

Rook Scarbin is a writer, aspiring musician and radio personality whose fursona is an anthropomorphic North American River Otter.


Rook was originally an otter castaway, created for the purpose of roleplaying on the now defunct Fort Ruddler, a Proboard-powered RP website based in the Redwall universe. Given the last name Scarbin, Rook was a perilous and fearless sailor, his most striking and defining features being the myriad lash scars that crissed and crossed a majority of his body.

When all activities at Fort Ruddler stopped, Rook Scarbin was removed from the roster there, and subsequently adapted for the furry fandom, his personality and interests reforming to more closely resemble those of his creator.


Rook’s tastes are wide and varied. His truest passions revolve around extreme forms of music, the most prominent being the realm of heavy metal. Skipping from genre defining highpoint to genre defining highpoint, he attends concerts regularly, spends entirely too much money on his musical obsession and is, for all accounts and purposes, a metal geek. Other interests include radio programming from yesteryear, fiction and fantasy novels, and occasionally politics

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