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Henry Bestwick at Further confusion

Waarhorse (real name Henry Bestwick, born December 27 1959, died March 2, 2012), was a furry fan and commissioner who served in the US Army. He lived in California, U.S.A.

His hobbies included writing, politics, comedy, furry art/story. He worked for the city of Los Angeles, in a steam-electrical plant. He was Roman Catholic, a member of the Knights of Columbus, and past Grand Knight.

He was a veteran of 28 years in the US Army and the California Air National Guard, a conservative and a Republican, he also ran for state-wide office.

[edit] Fandom involvement

Waarhorse discovered the furry community in January of 1996,[1] working as a courier while delivering a package to Confurence at the Atrium in Orange County, California. Since then, he attended numerous conventions, and generally volunteered as security.

[edit] References

  1. Warrhorse profile page at the Anthocon website (retrieved March 6, 2012)

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