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WTFux's Logo

WTFux was a 2ch style art community started by former members of other image-boards, especially those who were banned from 4chan's Random board. It is most well known for the camwhores board and for having noticeable more "registered" (tripcode) users than other boards. WTFux is also notable for containing one of a handful of popular English-language cat image-boards.

Censor NC17.png
  • Address:
  • Administrators: cho0b
  • Ran from/to:
    • November 2004 - July 24, 2006
    • January 2006 - ?

WTFux and furries[edit]

In tradition with WTFux's rebellious behavior, a very popular furry board was created inside hentai directory. Following the style of the rest of the site and the earlier mentioned rebelliousness, the board, dubbed /furi/, was nearly rule-less, which has resulted in a board where any and all art can be posted, regardless of the artist's wishes.


On March 15, 2006, the /furi/ board went offline for unknown reasons. An announcement by cho0b on the main page suggested that the blame was on furry artists Jeremy Bernal and David Parenteau. A later post on Crush Yiff Destroy would indicate that Jeremy Bernal did serve WTFux with a DMCA notice regarding inappropriate display of his copyrighted material.

WTFux's /furi/ board was eventually deleted, only to be brought back as a standalone furry imageboard, WTFur.

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