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WTFux's Logo

WTFux was a 2ch style art community started by former members of other imageboards, especially those who were banned from 4chan's /b/ random board. It is most well known for the camwhores board and for having noticeably more "registered" (tripcode) users than other boards. WTFux is also notable for containing one of a handful of popular English-language cat imageboards.

Censor NC17.png
  • Address:
  • Administrators: cho0b
  • Ran from/to:
    • November 2004 - July 24, 2006
    • January 2006 - ?

WTFux and furries[edit]

In tradition with WTFux's rebellious behavior, a very popular furry board was created inside the hentai directory. Following the style of the rest of the site and the earlier mentioned rebelliousness, the board, dubbed /furi/, was nearly rule-less, which has resulted in a board where any and all art can be posted, regardless of the artist's wishes.


On March 15, 2006, the /furi/ board went offline for unknown reasons. An announcement by cho0b on the main page suggested that the blame was on furry artists Jeremy Bernal and David Parenteau. A later post on Crush! Yiff! Destroy! would indicate that Jeremy Bernal did serve WTFux with a DMCA notice regarding inappropriate display of his copyrighted material.

WTFux's /furi/ board was eventually deleted, only to be brought back as a standalone furry imageboard, WTFur (now

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