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Vurt (1993) is the first novel of a series of the same name by Jeff Noon set in a version of Manchester where the high of choice is entering an alternate dream-like world called the Vurt by using special colour-coded feathers. This is not without some risk as objects and people become exchanged with the Vurt world. Part of the premise of the Vurt series of novels is that a disease called the Newmonia (explained in Automated Alice) has mixed up the ordinary people of Manchester with animal, robot, shadow, and vurt-beings leading to a number of anthropomorphic characters.

There are four novels that make up the Vurt series of books, and they were published in the order Vurt, Pollen (1995); Automated Alice (1996), and Nymphomation (1997). However, events in the fictional world occur in the order Automated Alice, Nymphomation, Vurt, and finally Pollen.


Vurt is definitely aimed at an adult audience, and pushes the boundaries of the cyberpunk science fiction novel. Even adult furry fans familiar with the idea of human, anthro, and animal interactions may find some parts disturbing. The feather Bitch on Heat, for example, includes bestiality from the point of view of a male dog.

Anthro characters[edit]

Game Cat[edit]

Part man, part Dog, part vurt, and author of a periodical describing the latest feathers available to play, along with various warnings and knowledge of the Vurt world.

Dingo Tush[edit]

Part dog (Alsatian?), part man, singer and dog pack leader.

Doorman at the Slithy Tove[edit]

A fat white rabbit, and hint to the storyline in Automated Alice. The Slithy Tove is likely a reference to a pub in Fallowfield, Manchester that was called Jabberwocky until 2000, and then renamed The Queen of Hearts.

The Warewolves[edit]

Dingo Tush's band, a mixture of girldogs, boydogs, robodogs, and shadowdogs. The band's music is full of wolf howls and "furry beats".