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Vulpin is a furry photographer based near Columbus, Ohio.


Vulpin's fursona name is Jacob Winters, a 25 year old Red Fox living in a Columbus suburb, much like the real Vulpin. He has very fine soft fur and is about 6 foot 2. He has green eyes and pretty much standard markings for a red fox; white chest and belly down to his crotch, a white tip of his tail, charcoal black forearms and forelegs, and the fur on the back of his ears is also black. His base fur color is ruddy. He is seen exclusively on two legs. He has one brother, Joey, and one sister, Alix. His wife's name is Carly, and he has two kids, Katie and John.

About his name[edit]

Vulpin is a play on Vulpine, for fox. Jake Winters is just the first thing that came to his mind.


Though he is a terrible artist, Vulpin does do some writing. The most recent story he finished, The Hunt, is about a foxhound's attempt to do in a red fox that has made a fool of him. He is also an avid photographer.

Fandom activities[edit]

Vulpin is very active on Fur Affinity, but doesn't go to very many conventions. The last convention he attended was Anthrocon 2007.

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