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Vulfpachts are a fictional race of wolf-like people from the webcomic The Pride of Life. They originated in the Traube Rainforest, located from the Tropical Subcontinent to the Forested Continent. The descendants of those vulfpachts migrated to the Forested Continent approximately 2500 years ago, although some tribes still remain in the Traube Rainforest.

An example of a young vulfpacht.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

Vulfpachts are a cross between wolves and mountain lions, and are characterized by their distinct purple fur[1] and semi-prehensile, spike-tipped tails. Like lion cubs, vulfpacht young have spotted fur, but lose their spots between 8-10 years of age. The bone spike of the tail develops roughly at age 12.

Males reach heights of 5'10" and females, 5'6", on average. They do grow secondary head hair which ranges in color from platinum blond to jet black, but more often than not will be off-black or medium brown. They do not possess the genes for red hair. Males also have secondary facial fur growth resembling mustaches and beards.

The village of Hunds


Vulfpachts are one of the three Victim Races, the others being the Wolfish (thought to be extinct) and dragons.

The vulfpacht race is typically a hunter-gatherer society with some utilization of mixed farming. Their favored game is wild bird and fish, but they do raise chickens, ducks, and (in the Forested Continent) small numbers of cattle. Corn and barley are the crops of choice, and the vulfpacht adopt a three-field system in their agrarian activities.[2]

Politics and Defense[edit]

Leadership is determined through succession regardless of gender, though the leader position may be challenged and a new leader may be put in via a majority vote.

As members of a Victim Race, all vulfpachts are trained in an array of weapons usage and hand-to-hand combat to defend themselves from any and all assured threats at an early age. They will typically use any sort of blade, but a few favor hunting weapons such as the bow and arrow.


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