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Vris, full Vriska, also known as Bl4ckSynt4x, noirgloss and m-av3rick, formerly as Frostbitch, Laevris, Zhaur, Saladsnack and MechanicalJackal, Auxillary and BrokenHeartedHowler (born June, 1994), is a female furry artist, musician, animator, and gamer who lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Vris has described her interactions with the live fur community as "pleasant" and "sociable", but has disdain for some within it.[clarify][citation needed] She once preferred to keep her status as a fur closeted, but is now an administrator of NSWFurs[citation needed] and AusFurs.[citation needed] She is an art contributor to the groups, and has been seen regularly attending coffee meets and contributing to furry conventions. She returned to the convention scene in late 2015 for FurJam at the request of Kat_Aclysm and Skooma.

She is extremely close friends with many furs such as Silverdeni, Kat_Aclysm, NinjaKato, TamberElla and Kel-Del; all of them who also know Vriska outside of the internet.


Vris' fursona is an impala named Chai, who was once a character back in 2011.[clarify] She has azure eyes, long black horns, and sports gold jewelry.

Her first fursona was an Egyptian Jackal named Akira, followed by Delta, a cream wolf, and a robosona, also named "Delta".

Convention and event attendance[edit]


Primarily a furry artist, Vris also enjoys drawing humans and robots from time to time, and takes commissions. She also delves artistically around the Mega Man and World of Warcraft fandoms, and she has a love for Darkspear Trolls and Orcs.

She has very few original characters on account of most of them being role-play characters, but the ones she draws the most are Vriska and Chai. In October 2011 she left her account on Fur Affinity due to a dislike of the site's layout and a general preference for deviantART, though she returned in early 2012 to an account named Auxillary, later as m-av3rick.


Vris has been accused of scamming people[1] [2] [3] out of their payments for her art commissions. This was eventually resolved with the refunding of all orders.[citation needed]


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