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Daroneasa (also known by her real name Erin K. Dover) is a young science fiction writer and artist, best known for creating the world of Otska and their inhabitants, the Vorambi. Although she does not consider herself a furry, she is a furry fan and admits that many of her stories can be enjoyed specifically by those in the furry fandom. As a person, she is generally kind and cheerful, though has a very dark, rich imagination that, to some readers, rivals many of the best published authors.

Her major epic in process is tentatively titled Necessary Evil, the story of influential Vorambi characters and their struggles during a tragic war. The first book of the series will be subtitled The War of the Starborn. Although she is currently trying to publish the first two books of her story, she freely gives out readable copies to anyone who is curious and is considered her friend.

Her major characters include Ras Tila, Daroneasa Urasha (not to be confused by her actual online persona!), Ataskra Ivvo, Niuk Skari, and many others. Many readers feel that her characters are rich in construction and personality. She also has historically welcomed fans to create their own vorambi characters and situations, sometimes with prizes available for the best submissions.

Daroneasa currently lives along the NARFA region.

The Vorambi are a fictional alien species from the Necessary Evil saga by Erin K. Dover (aka Daroneasa). The Vorambi occupy an Earth-like planet they call Otska, which is located in orbit around Beta Centauri.

Vorambi are divided into six races. One's race determines one's place in society, with the Draeg and Kith being at the top of the hierarchy due to their monopoly on technology. Below them are the Un'Keal, a simple, typically nomadic people who are too few to be of much concern. Below them are the slave races, the Oramsk, the Gramu, and the Kai. The Kai people's status as slaves is somewhat new, and many are free individuals who function in Kith and Draeg society. Ras Tila, a virologist and a protagonist of the first three Necessary Evil novels, is one such individual.

The Vorambi are best described as vaguely humanoid. They have a snout (somewhat like a dog's or a dragon), pointed ears, claws, a long tail, and are mammalian. They are very similar to humans in intelligence and psychology in most aspects. The average Vorambi lives to about 140 Earth-standard years.

The Vorambi are, during the first three novels, a secluded people who are caught unawares by the invasion of their world by humans and other 'alien' races.

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