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Volvo and his brother Sub

Volvo Zapler is a male furry artist that currently lives on the West Coast. He mainly draws adult work and only takes commissions for mature pieces. He has sold originals on Furbuy and sells prints upon request, but currently only hosts his work on Fur Affinity. He sells his work at various furry conventions on the West Coast. Volvo usually uses Photoshop to create his images, but from time to time will finish a piece in OpenCanvas.


Volvo's fursona is a Doberman Pinscher with a spiky red Mohawk. Volvo is technically an alien that lives on Jupiter along with his brother, Sub. Sub and Volvo spend most of their time defending the galaxy from outer threats and going on missions for the good of the universe. Volvo is usually the more energetic, common sense type of guy. His favorite hobby is collecting weapons and goofing off with his friends.


Jace the Digimon

His other characters include James, a female Great Dane; and Jace, a male Digimon.

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