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Voltiel, known as 'Voltiel Rassir' in Second Life is a gender-fluid furry born July 15th, 1991.

Voltiel has a diverse range of characters but has claimed her main fursona is a bat by the name of Omen.


Voltiel's self-titled fursona is described to be a were-cat, often confused with a neko or human when in a humanoid base form. She's used in a wide variety of settings, though fits best where she was made in Second Life. Voltiel frequents the sci-fi sims of SL with the ability to die and respawn nine times - a take on the feline myth of all cats having nine lives. Voltiel's creator insists that she uses this to play out snuff fantasies and also has an advantage against most in combat role-play.

Black Gazza[edit]

On Second Life she has contributed to the Black Gazza Prison SIM and held an admin position there, conducting role-play events with other 'counsel members' and administrative authority. She joined Black Gazza April 15, 2011. As of September, 2012, she has resigned from Black Gazza after writing several disrespectful critiques that were distributed to the owners without Voltiel's permission, going against SL's TOS. Those who have distributed her logs have remained unpunished.