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Volle is a homoerotic fantasy novel by Kyell Gold, published by Sofawolf Press in January 2005, with cover and interior illustrations by Sara Palmer.

The story follows the adventures of the fox Volle as he changes from a hedonistic young student at the Academy, where he is a spy-in-training who frequently visits the pubs of the local towns for alliances with other young males, to a long-term covert operative in the central court of a rival nation.

While the book contains scenes of homoerotica, the main focus is on inter-character romance and on the intrigue and politics of the court. The story features an eucumenical, polytheistic or pantheistic religion and shows the varying importance of this faith to the book's characters. The book also explores the ways in which the different nations of Argaea integrate or segregate the different species that inhabit the world, although its sequel, Pendant of Fortune, places more emphasis on this theme.

Volle was awarded the 2005 Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Novel, and was followed by Pendant of Fortune in 2006 and the anthology Prisoner's Release and Other Stories in 2007.

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