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Volf fursuiting in Aylesbury. Photographer unknown.

Volf (born July 13, 1985) is a fursuiter who lives in Aylesbury, England, UK. His fursona is a grey anthropomorphic Timber Wolf, with blue head hair, and a blue tip on his tail. Volf has been known by several other names, such as Mech-arc and Volfmech.

Volf was a guest of honour at ConFuzzled 2017.[1]


Volf's current fursuit (his third) was built by Lacy, and was first shown at ConFuzzled 2010.[2]


Volf has taken part in many charity fundraising events and as of March 2014, had raised over £1000 for charity, with an article about him appearing in his local newspaper.[3]


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