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Void folf, also known as Void Alcantara (real name Jacob Claassen,[citation needed] born August 12, 2002 in Baltimore,Maryland, USA),[1] is a furry musician and furry YouTuber who lives in Haw River, North Carolina. His fursona is a purple folf. As of May 2018, Void has been suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS),Depression and Post tramatic disorder.[citation needed]


Void is part of Blue Fox Records, which is owned by fellow musician Bluethefox. He and several others founded the rock group The Radiations Creation, where he is one of the two guitarists and is the backing vocalist.[citation needed]


Void started out on Youtube In June of 2011, and over the 8-year stretch, he has had three different channels, one of which was a stop motion channel, which is now deleted. He has two channels still public, one he hasn't posted to in three years, and his main youtube account. As of Jan.8th 2020 Void announced that hes going on hiatus after the passing of his father.In late February Void announced that he will originaly coming back on March 13th but he pushed it to a later date.


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