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Vixus (born 1989), is a furry fan from the The Netherlands, and has been in the fandom since 2001.

Fandom involvement[edit]

She can be found all over the web, often performing administrative tasks for online communities in which she resides. Vixus also volunteers at various furry events and conventions as security staff.


Vixus' fursona is a pink shemale vixen cyborg.

Second Life[edit]

Vixus can also be found on the MMORPG Second Life as Vixus Snowpaw. She joined early 2004, though decided to change to a different account in 2009 due to being unhappy with the account name. She runs a furry friendly content creation community by the name of "Fluffy" - Located in the region that is also named "Fluffy".


Vixus is an avid PC gamer whom is employed by a Danish game studio. She is likely to challenge those who claim to be a match for a head-to-head gun game duel.

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