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This article is about the website. For other uses, see Vivisector.
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Author(s) Owners: ?
Status Ongoing
Launch date October 2, 2007
Genre Critic forum
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Vivisector is a webforum for furries, critics, and others, to discuss news and philosophy about the furry culture, though it carries an overt anti-furry stance. It is intended to be a blog on the "weirdest, fruitiest, dumbest, most fucked-up shit the furry scene has to offer."[1] Its mascot is Dr. Dos.[2]

Site mission[edit]

Vivisector was founded to fill a perceived gap in furry community sites.[clarify] The FAQ states that the site is to be a source about the subculture between the biases of the anti-furries and the furries themselves. Site rules require that all information posted to the site be reasonably accurate, researched, and free of excessive bias.[3] The name was chosen to imply the deconstruction of a living group of animal people, their society, their motions, and their motives. An overarching goal is to "increase and diffuse world knowledge of furries with reasoned explanations and current news".

Articles on Vivisector deal with "outdated and incorrect terminology and myths",[4] updates and news share what goes on in the administration of some furry sites, examples of fans behaving badly, and often opinions on each.

The site does not tolerate trolling or activism in the name of Vivisector, and demands maturity from its participants.[5]

The IRC channel is operated by Dr. Dos.

Vivisector acquires CYD[edit]

"Vivisector acquires CYD" post

On March 31, 2010, Vivisector acquired all of the critic site CYD's assets (logos, nomenclature, user lists, databases, and associated content), through a deal with its webmaster Mitch. All traffic to CYD was redirected to Vivisector; this will apparently continue until the backlog is cleared and organized.

The main goal of the deal was to keep the most important posts, blogs, threads, and other items worthy to keep on site.

Blocking policy[edit]

Posting "copypasta" may result in a block, and site admin ProvincialTwit once referred to "blocking all of Poland" in response to one poster who particularly annoyed them.[6] While such blocks are normally temporary, large regions of eastern Europe were blocked for over a year due to forum spam.


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