Vingant Wolf

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Vingant "Bluemoon" Wolf
Vingant with Telephone at Anthrocon 2013

Vingant "Bluemoon" Wolf (vinjänt') is a therian and furry. He grew up in North East Ohio, U.S.A., and lives in Washington.


Vingant's fursona is based on his wolf spirit. His black fur is broken up by white, azure, and yellow markings depicting stars and moons. On his back is a large azure waning crescent moon. He has several nicknames, including V and Vingy. Being young, he is very playful and energetic. He is sometimes called pup because of his youthful nature. He is very smart and loves engaging in deep conversations or debates. When it comes to clothing, he usually wears a loincloth.

Cons attended[edit]

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