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Ostrich (born January 22, 1961)[1] is a furry who lives in Columbus, Ohio, USA.[1] He is a fursuiter, convention and furmeet organizer, mailing list admin, and occasional artist and puppet-builder.

Ostrich is probably most infamous for his appearances in Vanity Fair and the BBC production "Anna in Wonderland". Of late,[when?] he's been devoting his efforts to parade appearances in fursuit.


  • Duckon 6 (1997) - Best in Class (Novice)
  • Millennicon -2 (1999) - Best in Show
  • Duckon 8 (1999) - Best in Class (Master)
  • Further Confusion 2 (2000) - Second Place Performance (Master)


Ostrich was one of the founding members of Morphicon, and has served as the Programming Director for the first three conventions.

  • Millennicon -3 (1998) Fursuiting panelist
  • Feral! 1 (1998) Fursuit Guest
  • Millennicon -2 (1999) Fursuiting panelist
  • Millennicon -1 (2000) Cover artist for conbook; fursuiting panelist
  • Feral! 3 (2000) Fursuit Guest
  • MFF 1 (2000) Fursuit/Plush track head
  • Morphicon 1 (2004) Programming Director
  • Morphicon 2 (2005) Programming Director
  • Morphicon 3 (2006) Programming Director

Mailing lists[edit]

Ostrich administers the OhioFur mailing list, and is a past administrator of the Plushie Mailing List.


Ostrich is the author of The Sun's Egg.


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