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Vgcatsfan88 (born August 8, 1990) From Illinois[1] is an amateur furry artist who lives in the United States.[1] His fursona is an anthro feline named after himself, Jared Brooks feline.[2]

Vgcatsfan88 draws fan art of VGCats, as well as general furry art and vore images. He made his own characters, Jared and Joy-Lynn, who are feline musicians in a band named "88 Days".The two feline characters are also lovers, which has been fairly obvious. Always doing free art and stories, He is also busy attempting to form his own band. as the bassist/vocalist With little to no success. Nowadays, not only doing vore and general furry art, he also makes music tyhemed art with his characters. His two newest characters, Jen (a Herm feline anthro) And Hansi (A Crimson hedgehog(The name is derived from the vocalist of Blind Guardian, Hansi Kursch)) He is also the founder and creator of the vore group "VoreVeterans" on both deviantART and Facebook.


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