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Vergil.exe is a male furry artist that lives in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania in the United States, who first appeared on on Feburay 18, 2015. Following his ban, two to four alternate accounts were banned in the following month, which he denies actually using. He has since appeared on sites like Furaffinity and Deviantart, beginning to publish his own artwork

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Vergil was orignially a user of the image hosting site before being banned. Following this, he created a Furaffinity account, and later DeviantART, Tumblr, and Furry Network ones. Vergil.exe is currently writing a story called the Milky Abyss, and posts almost regularly on his Google+.

Alternate accounts[edit]

Following his ban, two more accounts appeared on e621 and were banned as alternate accounts. The first one was banned almost immediately, while the second stayed on the site for around a month. A former FA and Google+ user called Krystal Meth claimed to be the user of the second alternate account, while a unnamed third party used the first alternate account. Krystal and Vergil were eventually married from sometime of December 2015 before ending September 30th, 2016. The pair both state they felt they were more friends than partners, and that they "Enjoyed burning up our marriage license"


Vergil.exe's main fursona is an blue and neon purple anthropomorphic cat of the same name, who doubles as a heister/hitman and a stripper and escort. Following Krystal Meth's integration with his account, her blue banded sea krait snake can be considered a secondary fursona. Vergil also uses a side character based of the Mothman Myth of Point Pleasant, Virginia called Skoros, and a orange demon named Zeapf.


Vergil.exe originally started out as a traditional artist, but moved onto digital early 2016. He still occasionally posts traditional artwork. He has expressed that his shading methods depend on the mood, as one comment on DeviantArt expresses that he feels the shading should depend on the environment, and that he feels flat shading can be more realistic then soft shading as a result in certain situations.

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