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Verdant Reign MUCK was a role-playing MUCK set in South America, primarily around the Amazon basin. Characters were talking, non-morphic animals, in the style of The Lion King.


Verdant Reign MUCK officially opened in early May 2006. The MUCK was closed in late June by the headwizard, presumably because she had lost interest in maintaining it. Following the closing, off-grid rooms to roleplay the Amazon theme and others were created on Meadows MUCK by Paoro, who is also the headwizard on Meadows.[1]



  • Ilaxitlani - Head Wizard; Basics, zoology & plot info
  • Paoro - Newbies, player relations, problems, etc.
  • Uma - Always on duty; just a page away.
  • Xolotl - Newbies:Names:Species:Whatever!
  • Asrohc - Programming - and anything else as necessary.


  • Jacha - Policing, Relations, RP, Basic Help, ask and receive.
  • K'ay - Building and @descs, Basic help & Parrot Extraordinaire
  • Muxsa - IC and OOC Help, Roleplay, Basic animal info
  • Popol - Building/Character Relations/General Help
  • Xuetcal - Building help, newbies, desc help.


  • Asqunya - Hyacinth Macaw. (Leader of the Lutztuyu parrots group.)
  • Citlalli - Male Juvenile Jaguar (son of Tiotas and Ducarat)
  • Cozamalotl - Female Brazilian Rainbow Boa
  • Ducarat - Male Jaguar (FC, father of Citlalli)
  • Eroehl - Male White Jaguar (FC, son of Tiotas)
  • Ixtli - Male Matamata
  • Jayri - Female Black Jaguar (Sister of Ratri.)
  • Lexua - Bull Shark
  • Paoro - Female Puma (Mother of Tipo.)
  • Ratri - Female Black Jaguar (Sister of Jayri.)
  • Taruka - Female Red Brocket Deer
  • Tipo - Male Puma Cub
  • Tiotas - Female Jaguar (FC, mother of Eroehl and Citlalli)
  • Xakurcha - Hoatzin
  • Xicohtencatl - Male Spectral Bat (Uxte Leader and Nezahual elder.)


  1. Given up the ghost? Thread on Verdant Reign MUCK forum. Started June 14, 2006 by itztli.

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