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Ven (also known as Gothyk and Ven of Gothyk) is a furry and vore artist who resides in Nampa, Idaho, U.S.A. His fursona is a chocolate-colored werewolf with a tramp stamp.

Ven is engaged to his mate, Whim ("firestarterfox" on Fur Affinity), and (as of May, 2009) they have a five-month-old daughter that they have started to call "Storm" on their art sites.


Ven has a plethora of characters that show the different sides of his personality:

  • Mirage, the gay and very femme red fox.
  • Rurich, the built and heavy-sword-wielding black dragon.
  • Deidra, the shapely gold dragon vorephile.
  • Ven, his current fursona.
  • Meteora, the sexy and streamlined platinum dragon.
  • Gothyk, his former fursona, a midnight-blue-furred, blood-red-eyed, dark-matter-controlling feline.


Ven's artwork is mostly based on an anime style. His vore work consists of the same three characters, Deidra, the gold dragon; Terra, his mate's predatory character; and Ven, his fursona and willing prey.

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