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Vee, as drawn by Dawnzi of FA in 2011

Veekahr, or Vee for short (born 1989), is a pansexual female furry fan from Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada. She was involved with the Vancouver Island Furs from 2008 until she moved to Alberta in October of 2009.


Shortly after discovering the fandom, Vee began dating a fur by the name of Blarky. Vee and Blarky found each other on Pounced, a popular furry personals site. They started dating on January 1st, 2009. The two of them attended their first (local) fur con in Nanaimo, British Columbia, in April 2009. There Vee met her close friends - TJ Bluevulpine, Frenchiphant, Brasou, Pixel, Drewdle, and RuneMist, along with many other local furs.

Her attendance at local meets ended in June 2009, when Vee and Blarky moved in to their first apartment, in Campbell River, BC. The two worked full-time, and money was always tight, thus limiting both the time and money available for travel. The freedom of apartment life was short-lived. In October 2009, Vee and Blarky parted ways, and, unable to afford the apartment on her own, Vee decided to make the move to Alberta with her family.

Veekahr currently lives in Fort McMurray, Alberta, with her humanoid fiance.


Veekahr is a Fennec fox with blue hair and facial markings, and blue rings around the lower legs. Her chest fur is also the same shade of blue. There are two pierced studs in the upper left ear. As of 2011, she also has a split tongue, reflecting her real life self.

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