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Author(s) *Administrators: Ch'marr (main), Snout (Sweden), Brian W. Antoine (Nas-Kan), Keiko (Orcas)
Launch date 30 November 1995 - present
Genre Multimedia archive
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The VCL (previously short for the Velan Central Library, popularly the Vixen Controlled Library) is an archive of pictures and stories centered around anthropomorphic (mainly "furry") characters. It contains over 320,000 images [1] On average, around 40[2] images are uploaded most days, or 15,000 a year; their quality varies widely. A significant portion of the VCL's content is of an adult nature.

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[edit] Structure

The archive's structure is dynamic, with pages in index format with sub-indices and directories. The new art page can be listed by order of the date they were uploaded, or alphabetically, with each page holding a limit of thirty image thumbnails per page. Indices are updated every half-hour or so. The individual directories of the artists are similarly arranged.

To help browse new additions by the site's thousands of artists, VCL users can use the the VCL Sieve. The Sieve is a filtration system which allows browsers of the site to pick-and-choose those artsts they want to see and those they do not. The act of filtering on VCL is referred to as "skulling". The term reflects the site's block button, a small graphic image of a skull over a black semi-circle.

[edit] History

The site was founded by Brian W. Antoine as the Velan Central Library - initially, just his private art archive as an FTP site, named after Velar, a location from The Family nas Kan stories. Around 1999, a mirror run by the Ctrl-C computer club opened at the University of Linköping in Sweden, to which the vast majority of traffic was sent.

In January 2005, the Swedish mirror had to be taken down at short notice due to concerns over "objectionable content". Distribution was temporarily continued using a combination of the existing U.S. mirror and Coral cache network, but two more U.S. sites were created a month later. As of September 2011, the Swedish server no longer hosts the VCL Forums.

[edit] Funding

VCL is supported by donations and by Ch'marr. Those who donate receive a button.

VCL began displaying ads through Project Wonderful in July 2008.[3]

[edit] References

  1. VCL Artist List - 4663 artist/authors, 320221 images, 5380 other files as of July 23, 2008.
  2. VCL New Artwork 570 in 14 days (as of 14 January 2004)
  3. Project Wonderful - advertise on VCL - Furry Art! Retrieved July 23, 2008.

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