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Picture of VazDrae as drawn by Demoweasel
VazDrae's former fox fursona. Drawn by Nikosei

VazDrae (born September 3, 1993)[1] is a lombax who currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.[1] His fursona is VazDrae Marcus Treydarkk. VazDrae is also known as DJ, a nickname to his real name.

Vaz began drawing furries in the early 2000s, though he was not introduced to the fandom until he was introduced to it at InflationNation in 2005. Vaz created his fox fursona in 2007, and first posted artwork of this character in June, 2008.

In late 2011 VazDrae made a decision to switch to a different species, from fox to Lombax. Reasoning behind this includes, having more interest in the species, relating more to the species, and that of fox being a common species throughout the fandom.

VazDrae is a close colour to that of Ratchet's, though slightly different shades of orange and browns. As well has having a full head of black hair, and a soul patch. VazDrae is almost always seen wearing a red 'Alfa Romeo' branded hoodie, and dark blue baggy jeans. [2]

VazDrae Studios[edit]

VazDrae Studios is a personal media studio founded by VazDrae in 2010. It was created to house and label anything VazDrae created, such as photography, websites, graphics, or video productions. [3] VazDrae Studios then became the parent to VazDrae's existing YouonPictures Productions, a YouTube channel founded in 2007 by VazDrae for his various videos. [4]

Other Activities[edit]

VazDrae is involved with various actives in the fandom, mostly within the Midwest. VazDrae has attended Midwest Furfest (2013,2014), Motor City Fur Con (2014,2015) FurSquared 2014, and Anthrocon 2014. He is also a regular at the Madison Bowl Meet, and LAFF Bowling.


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