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Vasmeth (Born December 6, 1992), is a furry artist who lives in the United Kingdom.[1] He is currently studying a science-based degree in Scotland and works in traditional media with an interest in realism and accurate anatomy.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Vasmeth has been active in the fandom since November 2011, although has had a long standing interest in anthropomorphism prior to becoming a furry.


His fursona is a 8’ 6” (2.5908 meters) Clydesdale X Percheron heavy draft horse, like a prop rugby player, but really tall.


He has huge thighs and buttock muscles, strong arms, especially forearms. Strong thick, working hands. allthought chubby, soft, cuddly and warm, he has visible muscles, with a strong and solid head with prominent neck, with large, soft green eyes, and jaw muscles, with a hint of the typical convex shape-head of some heavy horses. Black tipped ears, fades to bay around base.

Black skin, so black muzzle, skin around eyes, skin around fingernails, crotch, with black fur on legs, starting from hooves fading to bay midway between knee and hock. Bay coloring with light dapples over shoulders, back, triceps, buttocks, thighs [over back and sides, outside sides more than the inside, fades around top of calf muscles], with lighter fur around muzzle, eyes, armpits, wrist and hands, crotch and slight lightening on belly. Left hoof is light brown, right hoof is dark brown, dark brown chestnuts, fingernails are dark brown, semi hoof like but still have human finger pads. Black mane, hogged/roached (cut short ~ 2” long, standing up [think short Trojan horse mane] with a small fringe on top of head, and black tail - finishes just below knees).

Silver labret stud in lower lip, silver septum ring or circular barbell, an industrial piercing through left ear and horizontal barbells through both nipples. Black feathers on hooves and forearms.


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