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Valy J. ThunderBeast (born April 29, 1991)[1] is a furry artist who lives in Italy.[1]


Valy's fursona is a "Stupid wolf" (Canis lupus dementis).[2] She is short but of average build, slightly muscular on the shoulders, arms, and fingers. Her fur is clear and soft, and her hair is long and straight with a huge tuft on the right. Her flesh has a death-like colour, and her eyes are green and encircled with thin black eyeshadows.

Valy has a lengthened but crooked muzzle. Her arms are covered with scars; she is very clumsy and therefore she gets hurt often. Her clothes are simple: she prefers short-sleeved T-shirts, jeans and trainers. Black, green and yellow clothes are preferred. She does not wear skirts, but she loves to wear elegant clothing such as suit-and-tie attire. She is never seen without her spiked bracelets.


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