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Vailwolf (author unknown

Vailwolf is a Canadian furry whom, though is a female in real life, portrays herself as a male Canadian Grey Wolf named Vail. Vailwolf has expressed a deep connection with wolves in real life and has shown off her extensive Wolf collection in past videos on youtube.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Vailwolf was an active member in the YouTube Furry Wars in past, but as since retired from such activities, and chooses to use her Youtube to promote upcoming furry related movies, create art shows, and post AMVs with her favourite anthropomorphic movies, or clips from some wolf documentaries.

Vailwolf can also be seen on deviantArt. There she posts drawings that she has made, usually involving anthropomorphic animals, or sketches of realistic animals.


Vailwolf's fursona went through some significant changes over the past few years. The fur colour of Vail was once simply a mixture of black, grey and white. But over a spand of two years Vailwolf transformed her fursona into a much complex design, though kept some of it's trademarks such as the cut in his ear, two silver hooped piercings, bright yellow eyes and the fluff of white fur that covers his chest.

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