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Isãac Cook (born May 12th, 1997)[1] is a neutrois fursuiter, dancer, LGBT* Activist, artist and collector who lives in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada. He goes by many names in the fandom; Frosty (alt. spelling Frostii), Clank, V0LT4GE, D0CT0R-D and Clankers. He is an active member of the Atlantic furries (Maritime furs) and can be regularly seen yearly at the local OMGWTFBBQ.

Isãac originally attended anime conventions cosplaying with a group of friends; BrokenKrayonPro. He actively attended Animaritimes with BKP and participated in many masquerades (Taking 1st place 3 years in a row). He now is usually seen suiting around in Halifax, Nova Scotia with fellow furs. He is new to larger cons, but should hopefully be seen at upcoming local conventions in Canada. He most recently attended Furnal Equinox in March 2015.


Frosty is a neutrois African Wild Dog that is based strongly off of Isãac. Unlike most furs, Isãac has no intentions on making his actual fursona into a fursuit.

His original fursona when entering the fandom was a white and blue feline named Starlight[2] who was made into a partial fursuit by Biopelt. Starlight is no longer his main fursona, but is seen occasionally being drawn.


Clank Auburn is a male Siberian Husky and Maned wolf. He was bought as a premade from TesxaCoyote back in May 2012. (Original auction post can be found here ). As he was not a big fan of having a regular husky character, Isãac proceeded to turn Clank into a steampunk husky. After a good year of him being steampunk themed, Clank was re-made and added blue features onto his pelt. (Originally he was going to have orange markings[3]; but the shade of orange was too hard to find locally). Clank then was re-vamped and with a shiny new reference- he was re-born as a chemical canine.

Since the original purchase of the suit, many updates have been done of the suit by V0LT4GE. Clank was purchased as a partial, but hopes to be upgraded soon to a fullsuit.


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