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Jett Peterson, also known as Utanith and several other names, is a software engineer currently living in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

In 2007 he began hosting "Sable Frost Pack" as a favor for a friend when the original site was attacked by a hacker.

A security advocate, Utanith will promote various methods of securing and protecting one's digital data whenever he gets the chance.


Utanith has made several ventures into the world of producing music, playing first the trombone and later the viola.

Furry Certificates[edit]

In 2008, Utanith wrote a system in PHP that, given info from the user, would place that text on a hard-coded image, creating a sort of "Furry Birth Certificate." It's creation was sparked by Leif, purely as a means to fight off boredom.[1] The project was hosted on Freehostia, and received several improvements after it's initial completion, but soon faded away as both the author and potential users forgot about it, though it did make some progress as it spread around MyFursona for a couple days.


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