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Hi Wyoon, you have recently blanked or removed lots of information from the article Wyoon, which was reverted by another editor. If you are Wyoon and wish to be excluded from WikiFur, you can request personal exclusion. Note that to remove incorrect or private info, you don't need to request personal exclusion; see alternatives.

If you would like the article about you removed, help us out by leaving a note to that effect on your deviantART profile. This will be taken as proof of identity, and the article will then be deleted and locked against further edits.--Higgs Raccoon 16:44, 21 February 2013 (EST)

what's up with adding stuff I don't want here?[edit]

I'm trying to get my stuff removed from here and you put it back. This is really frustrating. Go check my journal on DA... That should do it. Thanks—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Wyoon (talkcontribs) .

Very good - that confirms your identity and the article Wyoon has now been deleted and locked against further edits. If you change your mind in future, you can make a request to any curator to have the article unlocked.--Higgs Raccoon 20:48, 21 February 2013 (EST)