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Hello, Wolfsangel. I haved moved things around so you now have your personal User page at User:Wolfsangel slade, and your Article at Wolfsangel slade. Your User page can be informal in tone, while the Article should be formal and encyclopaedic. Categories and Tags can be used on the Article page but should not be placed on your User page.--Higgs Raccoon 11:46, 16 May 2008 (UTC)


Hello! You used the {{Limited_license}} template on this media file, but left out necessary information. Please insert the name of the artist/author, the license, and the specific terms into the template reference (i.e., {{Limited_license|artist|license|specific limitations}}). Alternatively, you can review the list of license templates at Wikifur:Templates/Image_Page_Templates and select a more appropriate one. Thanks! --GingerM (Leave me a message) 03:45, 20 March 2011 (UTC)

Private information leak[edit]

hi, I came across through a friend, it has been edited several times to contain the information of the suits' owner, i speak to the suiter on regular basis and he has expressed that he does not want this information out in public. i have taken the info down 3 times now, and my friend has as well. is there some way to lock the page until "buddy" contacts and shows approval of this information release.

thank you!

wolfsangel slade.

Cont. Update, "Buddy" suit owner. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.[...] With regards to the Wiki, while I don't hold back if people do know that I play buddy, I don't advertise that I do. If there happen to be pictures or commissions of him that point to me, so be it. Thanks for reaching out to me.

this was his reply to my alert to the release of his name to the suit, so may i request that the page be "locked" and only allowed to be edited by members?

thank you a head of time,

wolfsangel slade.

Given the lateness of the local hour, I don't have time to deal with this now, but I would suggest you open up discussion on Talk:Buddy. In particular, you should clarify who the people are who are involved and who actually owns/did own the fursuit. To be honest, if the suit has changed hands them I can't see why it would be a problem to state that.--Higgs Raccoon 12:05, 15 August 2011 (EDT)