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Use Preview[edit]

When making multiple edits to an article, please use the "Show preview" button to view intermediate changes, and try to limit use of the "Save page" button to when you are finished making all of your changes. Frequent use of "Save page" during editing tends to clutter the article's edit history and the site's change log.

Use Preview II[edit]

When making multiple edits to an article, please use the "Show preview" button to view intermediate changes, and try to limit use of the "Save page" button to when you are finished making all of your changes. Frequent use of "Save page" during editing tends to clutter the article's edit history and the site's change log.

This is your second notice, your edits are flooding the Recent changes page. - Spirou (talk) 13:37, 5 November 2019 (EST)

Use Preview III[edit]

When making multiple edits to an article, please use the "Show preview" button to view intermediate changes, and try to limit use of the "Save page" button to when you are finished making all of your changes. Frequent use of "Save page" during editing tends to clutter the article's edit history and the site's change log.

This is your third notice, your edits continue to flood the Recent changes page, use the Show preview button. - Spirou (talk) 06:35, 7 November 2019 (EST)

Sorry, I didn't notice that you posted message on my profile, sorry for the inconvenience, it won't happen again. - Tabyhunterwolf (talk) (7 November 2019 7:38 PM Malaysia Time)

Temporary ban[edit]

You are been put on a 24-hour edit ban due to not making the effort of using the preview functions on the edit window and thus burying the recent charges under hundreds of minor changes, which resulted, among others, the rollover of articles that editors could have worked on.

This wiki is not your private edit sandbox, and you were given several warnings. Please review the possible changes you can make to prevent another ban in the future. - Spirou (talk) 10:15, 11 November 2019 (EST)

I've had a chat with Taby and explained the issue in more depth, as well as encouraging them to review our other policies and guidelines and help pages while taking this short break. I hope I've made it clear that we're very glad to have assistance with PAWAI and similar articles, as long as it is compatible with the work of other editors and edit reviewers. --GreenReaper(talk) 13:01, 11 November 2019 (EST)


Just don't - Spirou (talk) 23:23, 13 November 2019 (EST)

You didn't give my full explanations to convince me why you delete all my edits for all the sections you made on Majira Strawberry's page. - Tabyhunterwolf (talk) (7 November 2019 12:26 PM Malaysia Time)
You don't give any explanation for the hundreds upon hundreds of micro edits that flood the Recent Changes edit section, burying everybody's edits and new articles so nobody can work on them. I already leave explanations on the summary section for my edits, that I have done on thousands of articles for the last 10 years, so I don't have to give you any reasons why, but I could say now that they are often misedited, redundant, wrong sized, wrong linked, padded, vague, not clear, etc, just to start.
Let's use an example of an edited article that you have worked on, and I had to re-edit: Bolt Muttโ€Ž. I had to erase all the Wikipedia links to ordinary colors (really?), create the sections that you forgot to create and name (Fandom involvement->Fursona->Fursuit), remove the fursona redundant info, create new links, re-order the External links, run the grammar program, etc, while all being described as Edits (Medium).
So, if I edit something, is because it needs to, period. So, again, don't start anything, just edit. - Spirou (talk) 00:00, 14 November 2019 (EST)

Don't spam, Don't edit other country convention page and DON'T damage other people page[edit]

Please merge the page on main FURUM page and avoid create a page by YEAR as it will be consider as spam as year grows.
Don't edit other con page when you didn't have knowledge about them.
Someone please stop this massive ugly edits and duplicates page as it create confusion to other people.
- Chaishen (talk) (30 November 2019 23:27 EST)
Hey shut up loser, I did attended the con, I know what is happening in FURUM, I also ask informations from FURUM staffs and FURUM attendees, I also live in Malaysia, I have been eiditing WiFur articles for quite a long time & I have editing skills, you didn't do shit, you talk alot of shit & didn't do a single contributions to WikiFur. I can show proves that I had attended the con since FURUM 2017-FURUM 2018. This year, I will be attending FURUM 2019.
- Tabyhunterwolf (talk) (30 November 2019 12:47 PM Malaysia Time)
I also only edit , made contributions and make new article about other furries fursona pages that I only know, I did not put false information, I always do research about their personal lives. Not only that, I also interviewed with them personally about their lives on their social medias.
- Tabyhunterwolf (talk) (30 November 2019 1:02 PM Malaysia Time)
- Chaishen(talk) Language dude. What happen to your quote on your Facebook? -Lastly, don't harrass or be a jerk towards other furries. Be nice to other furries who don't have a fursuit or fursuit which is badly done. Inspire others for doing good deeds.-
Does calling someone a loser can inspire other for doing good deeds?
Comments such as "ugly edits" and "loser" are unbecoming and unnecessary - please, no personal attacks. There is a valid debate as to whether a convention should be covered on a single page or on multiple pages - we used both approaches here, and we do tend to migrate to a multi-article format as an event grows in size and there is more to say about each individual event, while retaining some form of summary coverage on the main article, e.g. NordicFuzzCon. Similarly, about whether the number of images for a single event is excessive, or whether there is a better way to present them. But such content-related debates should take place on the discussion pages attached to the articles, i.e. Talk:Furs Upon Malaysia. --GreenReaper(talk) 01:08, 30 November 2019 (EST)
GreenReaper, I do respect your point of view, I know FURUM very well, however this person who harrass does not know anything about WikiFur & talk lots of trash words.
- Tabyhunterwolf (talk) (30 November 2019 2:21 PM Malaysia Time)
- Chaishen(talk) "does not know?" I guess it's you didnt know about anything since people have been talk a lot about you in Discord group. I'm just a representative on what people have discuss at group there since you have become a hot topic on few groups for past weeks. I only tell what i saw, and apologize for my harsh word. Cheers dude ๐Ÿ‘Œ See you on FURUM.
Sorry Chaishen, my bad, I really thought that you are one of the furries who harass me past the few years, that made me have a fear for interacting with furry strangers, there are some furries really bad exist in the fandom harassing people. GLad you told me my mistakes. This is my first year contributing to WikiFur. See you in FURUM 2019, we can discuss more about FURUM WikiFur at FURUM. I will be wearing a cowboy hat, red scaf and black glasses.
- Tabyhunterwolf (talk) (30 November 2019 3:05 PM Malaysia Time)
It's understandable to get angry when heated words are exchanged. But try to be the better person: don't give the same trash talk back, but worse. This isn't a competition that can be won; it just makes everyone concerned look silly. ;-p
But to be frank... some of the criticism is fair, and worse it has been raised in the past. You are spamming edits, despite having been told not to do so - and how to avoid doing so - on numerous occasions. Thirteen edits summarized as "adding info" is not helpful - especially when this is an inaccurate summary of many of the edits. This is frustrating because it's clear you want to help - and we, in turn, want you to help - but the way you're editing greatly decreases the value of your contributions, and results in more work for us.
For example, this is purely a formatting change (not "adding info"), as is this one (not "fixing words"). If it'd been on a random article it should've been been marked as a minor edit with a different summary - then, editors who trust you to write an accurate summary could avoid spending the time looking at the difference between the revisions. That's the big reason for summaries - communicating the essence of a change (as well as your reasons for it, where that is not obvious), so that others can decide whether to look at it. But in this case the edit should not have been needed at all, because it should have been picked up when you previewed the last edit. Further evidence that you're not previewing (or else not fixing issues shown in the preview before you save, which is arguably worse) can be found in this edit that resulted in a reference warning which you only fixed many edits later.
Please, for everyone's sake, don't treat WikiFur like a notepad which you save every few minutes; it should be more like like submitting an essay. You wouldn't give your teacher a new, unfinished piece with obvious errors every few minutes - it'd be the whole essay in one, polished as best you could make it over the course of the day, so as not to waste their time or risk you getting a bad mark. If you can do that, it'd eliminate most of the frustration other editors have with you, and we could focus on content debates such as "does it make sense for this to be one article, or several; and how should images be presented?" - for which I opened a discussion on the talk page above. If you cannot change this behaviour, it'll continue to dog you - and all concerned. --GreenReaper(talk) 02:40, 30 November 2019 (EST)

Censored media[edit]

As a rule, blurred or censored media is (generally) not accepted on Wikifur (unless you took the photo in a public setting, or you have the permission of the person on the photo, or it falls under the fair use clause, just don't upload it, period). Photo upon photo with blurred bobbleheads just defeats the purpose of information editing, and it is just plain assinine. - Spirou (talk) 02:46, 2 December 2019 (EST)

FurDU edits[edit]

While I do appreciate you improving the quality of information available on the FurDU Wiki page I encourage you to make use of the "Show preview" button to make sure your edits are correct before saving, thank you. - Ace Fawx (talk) 11:48, 23 December 2019 (EST)

Request regarding edits[edit]

Hello Taby, thank you for your contributions to the LIFC page. However, in light of the recent events, I'd like to request that you refrain from editing the page for the next two months. There are a few things I hope you could work on in the meantime.

  1. Please make sure that the information put on the LIFC page is correct, ideally with reliable references. The "Little Island Furcon is FurryLah renamed" description that was made on the page was false not well-received by members of the LIFC staff. Some even found it offensive as they were not previously associated with FurryLah. When making comments on pages, please keep in mind that these pages can be very personal for people. WikiFur pages can be the first impression others see of something which people have poured their hearts and souls into and they deserve a measure of respect, that chiefly of ensuring the information is correct to the best of your ability. When making comments on pages, please keep in mind that these pages can be very personal for people.
  2. Do try to keep the information concise. Some details aren't important, such as the origins of the LIFC name, or the back cover page of the LIFC 2019 conbook. Keep the LIFC page limited to the information that is relevant for people wanting to know more about it. If I say it's not important for the LIFC page, please do not pester other members of my staff team for the same information.
  3. Keep the LIFC pages to only one page for the time being. LIFC has only had one convention so far, and thus making additional pages for LIFC 2019 and LIFC 2020 will require users to click more to see the same information. Once LIFC has had enough conventions, this can be raised on the LIFC discussion page to migrate them to separate pages so as to prevent clutter on the main LIFC page, but until then, let's keep it to one page.
  4. Do not post sensitive, private, or personal information about people. Personal information about a person was posted up and, even though it's removed upon their request, that personal/identifying information is forever in the edit history of the page. While this wasn't on the LIFC page, it remains that the person was made worried by the information being made public. Should there be any situation where the opportunity to post people's personal information arises, do keep the information offline instead.
  5. Keep the edit history clean. If you have trouble finding the "Preview" tab or the "Show preview" button please do not hesitate to ask. This way, it's easy for me to review the changes that have been made to the LIFC page.

I believe that you have good intentions and want to contribute to the LIFC page, and for that I'm grateful. It's not often I find people who are willing to go out of their way to help spread information about the convention. However, please keep to WikiFur's edit standards, and do be sensitive of the community's interests too. Also, in view of being sensitive to others, I'd like to again ask that you refrain from editing the LIFC page for the next two months so as to let the recent commotion cool off. If after that, you still wish to go on ahead, then by all means. I believe that others may share the same sentiments, so you might want to check in with them before editing their pages. Thank you for your contributions. TwistedSnakes (talk) 10:59, 30 December 2019 (EST)

Re Shelby[edit]

Too many, Taby, some are largely the same, no need to upload the โ€˜โ€™โ€™wholeโ€™โ€™โ€™ library. - 02:46, 2 February 2020 (EST)

Zeek Shepsky (images)[edit]

You are overwhelming the article again with just images, in amount and with disregard of media quality. - Spirou (talk) 03:14, 15 February 2020 (EST)

(...) Adding more pictures still is not the way to go, really. - Spirou (talk) 01:43, 16 February 2020 (EST)

Locking my wiki page and my user page[edit]

Dear admin, Happy New Year 2021, I would like to lock both of my pages included my personal wiki page and my user page that would mean a lot to me! :)


Tabyhunterwolf (talk) 15:55, 10 February 2021 (MYT)

Are you asking for Exclusion or "locking"(?), Wikifur articles can't be locked, so could you clarify?. Thanks - Spirou (talk) 23:22, 12 February 2021 (EST)
I mean that I want both pages to be wiped from existance or locked away from public knowledge/view. - Tabyhunterwolf (talk) 15:04, 13 February 2021 (MYT)