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Book of Fur[edit]

Can't find a Sandbox page and I'm not sure this meets General Notability so I'll shove it here instead!

So yeah... around the 29th of November 2012, FA went down... and I decided to engage in a bit of Schadenfreude on Twitter. This was the result - the Book of Fur. Slightly edited and reordered here, but perhaps worth a grin :)

  1. Yes, FurAffinity has gone SPLAT again. Biblical verse this time around, from the Book of Fur, chapters XII through XIV.
  2. Lo, and the Grandsire lay down in the field, his coat a bright irridescent white. And He didst not speak, for he doth sleep with Angels.
  3. And the Ferrets and the Weasels and the Badgers rose to fill the Grandsire's boots. There was no mourning, for a bright Morning had come.
  4. Lo, and they of all Species, the Ferrets and the Wolves and the Foxes and the Dragoo, all were united in the House of the Mustelidae.
  5. And lo, within four score and ten full moons, the Grandsire was forgotten. His legacy a mere footnote in the Books of Ferrox.
  6. And soon the Ferrox, and the Dragon, and the Drasky were but naught, gone to the sands of time.

(Apologies to @GeneWolf for snaffling the honorific term "Grandsire". Seemed like an appropriate term to describe FA :P)

Correction and question[edit]

Just correcting an inaccuracy and asking for clarification...

Replying in order:
  1. You did find out rather a lot about me, including linking to most of the social networking sites I use. That's the reason I had Greenreaper hide the first couple of edits on SuburbanFox -- I don't want people searching for my name (by that I mean my legal name, not my handle / 'fur name') to end up finding, say, my FurAffinity page.
  2. That tweet is a prime example of why I should get off the Internet at midnight... and probably take stuff to DM earlier. I said it, I was wrong, I'm an idiot and I apologise wholeheartedly for any offense taken. I really should have reworded that to say "the first two revisions were deleted", but I was already up against the character limit for a tweet. The first thing that suffers when this happens is grammar, then words which seems extraneous but turn out to have clarified the meaning.
  3. The tweet before that ("editwar, fight! fight!") was pure sarcasm -- which I often engage in when talking to Sparky. It's banter, basically. I meant nothing by it. Just in case you saw that (which you probably did, as Twitter shows it in the second link's "history" section). Unfortunately anyone who hasn't seen us talking in RL will probably miss that...
If you feel the need to discuss something I've said on Twitter, please tag me (@philpem ...) even if it's just to say "can we talk about this on DM". If you've got more to say, a FurAffinity note or Weasyl message will do fine (though I'd appreciate it if you tagged/DM'd me on Twitter to say you've done that, otherwise it might be a few days before I check my notes/messages). I try to be approachable, and any unresolvable disagreement is more likely to end with "well let's just agree to disagree" than any actual drama. I will admit when I'm wrong, as I've done here. If you'd like to discuss this further, feel free to reply either here (if you don't mind the chatter being public), or via one of the above means (if you'd prefer to talk in private).
--SuburbanFox 03:45, 1 April 2013 (EDT)