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Saka-Lost, formally known as simply ‘Saka’, is a fur from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

Having entered the fandom in early 2003, though only as one of the many generic faces upon the internet, it wasn’t until 2009 that she became a part of the Canadian furry group, after being recruited at Anime Evolution 2009 by a group of fursuiters. She has gone through many different fursonas over the years, in the search of her true anthropomorphic soul, from wolves, to bunnies, to fennecs. As of yet, she has not found her true fursona, unfortunately.


Tonic Tinaro

       Species: Knox (Fox/Ox)
       Sex: Female
       Maker: Artsquish/Saka

Malice Tinaro

       Species: Shiro (Demonic creature from the underworld)
       Sex: Herm
       Maker: ScruffyAlleyCat/Sonartoo/Saka

Toxin Tinaro

       Species: Drayik (Dragon/Alligator cross)
       Sex: Female


Saka’s first furry related convention was Rainfurrest 2009, and of course as expected, that single convention welcomed her to another wonderful addiction other than computers and anime. She looks forward to the many wonderful conventions in the future, from AC to FC.