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Hi Rorroh, you have recently blanked or removed lots of information from the article Rorroh, which was reverted by another editor. If you are Rorroh and wish to be excluded from WikiFur, you can request personal exclusion. Note that to remove incorrect or private info, you don't need to request personal exclusion; see alternatives.

Please remove my page[edit]

As you have probably noticed, my page is a complete mess. The circumstances for making it in the first place were a little iffy, and the original contents were something I was actually less than comfortable with, even though I was the one who supplied the orginal information. I'm very self-conscious, so after a bit of arguing (with myself, no less. ;)), I decided to just try to kill the weed at it's roots. Could you please delete my page? I have a Fur Affinity account, a WordPress account, and even a Twitter, so I can very easily prove I am he. Or, if it is at all possible, could you remove the edit history? I would actually prefer the removal of the history rather than total deletion.

Thank you,

- Rorroh

Hello, Rorroh,
Sometimes, if someone is requesting personal exclusion, I get them to leave a comment to that effect on their FA or wherever, but as you created the article in the first place I'll take that as enough proof of identity. I've deleted the article and locked it. If you change your mind in future, and want it unlocked so edits can resume, you can ask any admin to do it.--Higgs Raccoon 22:11, 8 January 2011 (UTC)