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Toolbox in[edit]

Hi, GreenReaper. Thank you for creating itself and Russian language part! Toolbox on the left sidebar has wrong link to Upload file feature. It needs to be changed to Служебная:Upload. As for now I have many questions to you about customization of Which way of contacting you is more appropriate for questions regarding ru.wikifur? (email, IRC, ICQ, maybe page, any other) OckhamTheFox 07:11, 29 September 2008 (UTC)

Hi Ockham! My contact information is here (make sure you are logged on). Email, IRC and/or ICQ is fine - I am always on the first two if awake. As for the images, the plan had been to upload all new images to the pool wiki, so that they could be used on all languages (like Wikimedia Commons) - but if you think that is not going to work I can change the link back. --GreenReaper(talk)

One shared file repository is a good idea for saving server drive space. But motivation of anon users to register is lowered since no more extra feature of uploading files available. Ok, so be it. The second problem is russification of WikiFur namespace. ВикиФур: is counted like articles and may appear in Random articles. For example ru.wikipedia Википедия: is counted the same as in en.wikipedia Wikipedia:. OckhamTheFox 15:54, 29 September 2008 (UTC)

Honestly, the disk space is not so important as the time. It takes work to translate a page. If you have to upload all of the images in it as well, that is more work. I would like to avoid that work for most images. People still need to register to use the image pool (but we would like to make it be just one registration for all WikiFur in the near future). If there is any interface text that needs to be changed on the pool wiki to help Russian contributors, I would be glad to do so. Images can still be uploaded locally by going directly to Special:Upload.
The problem with ВикиФур: is that ВикиФур was not the name of the project namespace. WikiFur was, because that was the site name, and by default the site name is the name of the project namespace. I have changed the name of the site to ВикиФур and adjusted the database so that the pages already created are in the project namespace rather than the main namespace. --GreenReaper(talk) 18:18, 29 September 2008 (UTC)