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Hey Miavir, good to see you here! Let me know if you need any Help:Contents editing. BTW, I recall we had some discussions in years past me helping to write code for the story index. Since I've gotten into using the Drupal framework, I might be able to be of more help in this. Drop me a line if you'd like to chat more. --Dmuth 17:26, 27 March 2006 (UTC)

Hello Dmuth,

yes, just happened accorss the FurWiki, found the MIA's page, and decided to spruce it up a bit while i was at it. I'm still a bloody newbie at Wiki Editting. Yes, I have one question, Right now, when I search for 'Miavir', the Mia's page comes up as a link. I would like to create a page for myself instead, but the wiki doesn't seem to want to let me do that, though it gives me a 'Create this page' whenever I enter some term that it doesn't yet know :-/

Another thing I'm wondering is how to add a new Subcategory, there doesn't seem to be one for Image Archives, though several of them DO seem to be listed (or I'm being blind :-).

As to updating the Index, well, it doesn't as yet use any Content Management System, just perl code I wrote myself. Getting it into drupal would thus probably be a bitch and a half. And not the *cute* kind of bitch either ;-) I've never worked with a CMS either, so I'd have to learn to use it first too :-/ If I had the time to do that,... I'd probably invest it into updating the Index first :-9 ;-) I'm still hoping that I will find time to do a full revamp of the archive soon once something in my RL has been straightened out (hopefully within a month).

We'll see ;-)

Heh. As you were writing this, I took it upon myself to create the article Miavir since the link to Miavir in the MIA article just recursively took you back to the MIA article. Feel free to edit as you like! Oh, and as to your question about Image Archive subcategories, perhaps [[Category:Art archives]] will work? --Duncan da Husky 17:51, 27 March 2006 (UTC)


Another question, I have these stub entries in those two articles, can/should they be removed, or will that break anything ?

As to the 'Art Archives' suggestion, that would mean you'd have to create a 'Art' category. I suggested 'Image Archive', since there allready *is* a 'Image Category'. I'll leave it to you to decide which would be better ?

Nice to see you, Miavir! I've often found your story index to be a useful reference; I hope WikiFur can be similarly useful and interesting to you. :-)
As to your questions, yes, if an article is no longer a stub, then you should remove it. It will not break anything, just stop them being listing as stubs. And I think what Duncan was saying is that there already is an Category:Art archives, which you could add an article to by adding [[Category:Art archives]] at the bottom.
Oh, and you can sign your name on talk pages with ~~~~ - it makes it easier to recognize who's talking. :-) --GreenReaper(talk) 18:31, 27 March 2006 (UTC)

Ok, found the Category:Art Archive Category now, it was well hidden inside 'Culture/Arts and Crafts', where I had been looking in 'Image'. This however begs the question, shouldn't some sort of crosslink from 'Image' be created ?

Oh, and thanks for the two hints Duncan :-)

Deon Ramsey 18:46, 27 March 2006 (UTC)

Probably it should, although the current Images category is more of an internal orgnaization thing so we can keep all of our images that are attached to articles organized. I've added a note mentioning it. --GreenReaper(talk) 19:06, 27 March 2006 (UTC)

Contact me, please!!![edit]

Miavir, I have been trying to reach you without success for over five years! Please contact me immediately at so I can get updated contact information. Thanks!  :)