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Edits of criminal behavior (POV, fluff, padding,...)[edit]

When adding controversial edits, please lose the fluff, POV angle and personal running commentary. Refer to the Furry Book of Style for appropriate editing on any and all articles (controversy involved or not), maintain a neutral stance, and don't pad the article with non-sensical/non-documentative data. There's a difference between documenting possible criminal occurrences and having an ax to grind. - Spirou (talk) 22:23, 16 August 2014 (EDT)

Thanks, but complete removal of facts is not something that should be acceptable, I was told in email to try to add more TO a stub than simply adding the criminal element. If you wish in the future I can easily keep it to one or two lines. ^.^ - Lycanwuff
Regarding Kahuki Lairu and "facts": I have been looking to connect the "Kendal Emery Ray" name to the fur name using Google word combos: Kendal Emery Ray+Kahuki Lairu‎, Kendal Ray+Kahuki Lairu‎, Kendal Emery+Kahuki Lairu‎, Kendal Emery Ray+Kahuki, etc. No hits are brought forth. Could you provide with a factual link?. It would help to add the real name to the article, and the offender list entry (which strangely does not show a "Kendal Emery Ray" in Denver).
  • Also trying to to connect Kahuki Lairu to the sex charge pert, but google hits Kahuki Lairu‎+sexual offender, Kahuki Lairu‎+sexual predator, Kahuki Lairu‎+Kendal Emery ray+sex offender, Kahuki Lairu‎+sex, etc... only to link to one to two sites, one with the allegation (Wikifur), one with an screenshot with a pasted screenshot (Vivisector).
  • The article lists Kahuki Lairu living in Denver, CO. The last Sex Offender entry lists Kendal Emery Ray in Arvada, CO. If you can provide correlating references that Kendal Emery Ray is Kahuki Lairu could you helps us with this discrepancy?.
  • Needed too are the part that he "stepped down as Rocky Mountain Fur Con's conchair surrounding allegations about past criminal sexual misconducts". That would help, specially if we kind tie the real name to the fur name.
  • If is mate Ivan Otter is currently incarcerated, how he can be living with him?.
  • If you need examples how to reference his controversy section, use these Wikifur examples of furries convicted off or on a sex offender list: Mitch Beiro, Tora, Frank Gembeck, Ted Sheppard, Alan T. Panda, Mizzyam, Formic Hivemind and Lightpaws.
  • What is the name of the Denver Furmeet he use to host all those years? (Goggle not being helpful on this matter either).
Any help with current or past reference (press release, forum discussions, current criminal status, links to RL/Fursona name, etc), will be appreciated. - Spirou (talk) 05:30, 17 August 2014 (EDT)
Regarding Ivan Otter and "facts": Arrested for Child Pornography, not being a "sex offender" (sexual contact with a minor), no longer Kahuki Lairu's mate (corrected), and could you provide a link to the Texas part?. Thanks. ;) - Spirou (talk) 06:49, 17 August 2014 (EDT)

In order: This gives Ivan and Kahuki's name, on his own blog, where he multipul times talks about them being boyfriends and such in other posts, it was also referanced on Ivans sentancing page. Good enough? There is one for denver and one for arvada, he has moved 2-4 times in the last few years for various reasons. The link 404's but the names are both used in the description ("Results from the web") If I dug longer I could link them better but between his own posts on blogspot using his real name, referring to RMFC, Ivan, his past posts I think its enough? If not, the fact he stepped down should be enough, anything else would be simply hearsay from current con board members. Maybe someone else can dig more if they feel it nessicary, as stated, I was only trying to help, im new to this posting thing :/ and its hard to tell if you are trying to make it harder or help me learn lol :D

As for the rest (RL name and such) Again I referr to and admit its not the greatest because its his attempt at legal speak, but it has the RL names of himself and Ivan in there, and with some googling you can connect the two via Searching for Ivan in Kahuki's blog but if thats not enough, I have done my best with the time I am willing to dedicate to only 2 particular people on a furry wiki :)

I will admit that I was wrong on the 'sex offender' aparently he wont have to register, but 'sex offender' does not just mean sexual contact with a minor, its far far far more 'loose' than that (look through a sex offender database sometime, there are people there for pissing in public O.O)

Kahuki still referrs to him as 'mate' but I dont think thats a huge thing either way. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Lycanwuff (talkcontribs) .

So... No, in order, regarding Kahuki Lairu.
"I could dig up"/"f I dug longer", please do, as the implications/allegations are quite serious, Digging up on Ivan Otter I was able to be correctly referenced completely and firmly on the sexual misconducts and the RL name connection for his article.
"With some Googling you...", "Others could...", "Maybe someone else..."; you made the allegations regarding Kahuki (taking the time to create an account to do so), you could (should) dedicate the time to back them up, specially if wrong in the first place with other article edits (Ivan Otter).
"Kahuki still referrs to him as 'mate'". That was not one the queries, and Kahuki has a new partner. - Spirou (talk) 16:34, 17 August 2014 (EDT)
Kahuki has 'more than one mate' its even noted in his blog regferranced above.
I do not know exactly what you are looking for in regards to Kahuki, I have linked you both to his own blog where he referrs to himself as both Kahuki AND Kendal, AND a sexual offender registry that lists him having a denver adress. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Lycanwuff (talkcontribs) .
See the work put behind to find hard reference regarding the Ivan Otter article?. It took me a while to find all pertinent information, but the allegation is now proven and posted on the article.
"I do not know exactly what you are looking for". Really verifiable data that can back up the claim. See how it was done with the Ivan Otter (and Mitch Beiro, Tora, Frank Gembeck, Ted Sheppard, et al) articles?. All these articles have criminal records, back-up links, court papers, news articles, ample talks between people in the furry fandom's forums and sites, etc...
"I haven't really looked for references", "somebody else can do it", "the information was there, but now is gone", "I heard..." is not going to reinforce or prove the claim. ...And the mate part has nothing to do with anything. How about also the Denver furmeet he hosted? (name?, location?) and what is the prison facility/city Ivan Otter is serving time?. - Spirou (talk) 19:49, 17 August 2014 (EDT)

Again: I gave you the Sexual Offender Registry links. I gave you his journal where he referrs to himself as both Kahuki and Kendal. I told you there was no 'official meeting name' for his gatherings. As for location, they were at his house in Aurora area. As for arrest records and such for Kendal, I have to admit I am finding as little as you and I refuse to use a pay site for such. The sex offender registr entry I thought would be enough concidering linking his name to the furry persona has already been established through his own blog referanced above.

As for Ivan: FCI Big Springs: Source (Inamate name search Sletten Marcus)

I have found all of the information I am capable of finding, I will continue to look, when I have time and if you like I will email it to you or somthing so you can put up what you feel is relevant (Apparently I suck at doing just that) And I did not make an account 'just' to put that stuff in there, I wished to contribute, but after all of this apparently, not only do I suck at formatting, but I can't even find 'proper' information for you. But as this has gone to what I thought was being helpful and contributing to what I feel has become...borderline agressive twords me (admittadly emotions are hard to process through text) I think I have taken this as far as I am capable.